Monday, March 19, 2012

It's only been a month this time!

Well here we are more than halfway through March and it's been a very busy last month with "Orphee" at Seattle Opera completing a very enjoyable run, and now having been in rehearsal for "La Boheme" in Tacoma for the last couple of weeks, it sure would be difficult to ask for much better :) I'm loving singing with so many good friends and the THIRD time around as Schaunard is definitely the best so far! It's a thrill to be repeating the role and discovering more and more with every rehearsal.

I've also been doing a number of gigs with the new Opera On Tap-Seattle group, led by three of my favorite soprani: Megan Chenovick, Ksenia Popova, and Erica Row. I sang with them in November and December, once at "Blue Moon" and the other at "In The Red" in Phinney Ridge. Then this year we have already had one more performance at each of those venues. I'll be joining them again in mid-April, singing some Papageno and a few things from Rossini's "Guillaume Tell".

More coming soon, so stay tuned!

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